Welding Consulting in Poland: technical consulting - welding

Welcome on our site. We are a highly qualified company providing consulting and certification services for welding companies - both in Poland and in Europe. The development of industrial technologies, the demand for increased efficiency, but also safety considerations mean that welding production requires strict compliance with standards - such as EN 1090 and EN 13445 standards. We care about the quality of welding services and cooperate with local companies - including companies from Poznań. Welding consultancy includes the development of welding personnel management procedures and their listing in the form of welding technology instructions. Certification of welding production companies requires them to hire personnel with the qualifications of a welding engineer with IWE certificate, with the presence of such personnel in the production plant not required on a daily basis. That is why it is worth using our services as an external consultant.

Welding standards and technology instructions

As part of welding consulting and inspection, we will help your company in implementing procedures and preparing instructions in accordance with applicable standards until obtaining a qualified welding procedure. We operate in two stages:

• developing a procedure for qualifying WPQR welding technology

• developing WPS welding procedure specification


Certification of companies employing welders - confirmation of the quality of services

Implementation of welding procedures according to, among others ISO 15614-1 standards also have great benefits in welding production. By obtaining the procedure, the company obtains credibility, not only on the Polish market, but also in the European Union. Having qualified procedures distinguishes reliable companies with high production quality. Modern clients pay attention to whether the welding company has these documents and are guided by this criterion when seeking a contractor.

About us

Welding Consulting is a small company located in Poland in Poznan. We provide services both in Poland and in Europe. Growing market requirements have caused the need to create external welding companies that help in certification, inspection and improve welding quality. Poland, which belongs to the global supply chain, has become an important point on the map of world players and welding inspections provided to local companies have become a common practice. Please familiarize yourself with the scope of our services.

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