spawanie metalu

Welding coordination & Project follow-up

Welding Consulting coordinates your project before and during the welding activities. We have the technical knowledge and competence according to EN ISO 14731.


Before starting the project

  • Tender evaluation
  • Technical reviews
  • Sub-contractor evaluation
  • Welding staff
  • Welding procedure qualifications and welding procedures specifications (see WPQR and WPS)

    During the project:
  • Production planning
  • Prepare work instructions
  • Welding consumables and their certificates
  • Basic materials and their certificates
  • Inspections before, during and after welding
  • Non-conformities and corrective actions
  • Calibration and validation check of inspection equipment and welding equipment

After the project

  • Identification and traceability
  • check of weld geometry/size welding symbol on drawing/WPS
  • check of weld surface, transition area and area close to the weld
  • oxidation levels (color)
  • extent of NDT, NDT operator qualifications, reporting and documentation
  • marking, cleaning, flushing, preservation, protection of flange/fittings, etc
  • documentation review
grupa kierowników

Inspection and Expediting

spawanie w masce ochronnej

Determining welding requirements

spawanie pod nadzorem profesjonalisty

Assessment of welders' skills

spawanie konstrukcji

Steel structures manufacturing

kierowniczka budowy

ISO 3834 certificate – benefits and implementation

spawanie metalu

WPQR and WPS procedures for welding


Welding coordination & Project follow-up

spawanie konstrukcji z prętów zbrojeniowych

Welding of reinforcing steel