WPQR and WPS procedures for welding

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Welding procedure qualification procedures development and subsequent preparation and implementation of technology is a multi-stage process. The pace of work and reliability of the final result will depend on the knowledge and experience of the welding consultant. We implement WPQR and WPS procedures for welding, according to EN ISO 15614-1, EN 1090, EN 13445, EN 13480, NORSOK M-101, NORSOK M-601, AWS D1.1, ASME IX and PED Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68.

Welding production and procedures

Before implementing the procedures, we familiarize ourselves with the details of welding production of the client company and recommend preliminary technological solutions. Initially, you need to evaluate what technologies are needed to meet the process requirements for the thickness and ranges of the qualified base material grade. The full development of the Welding Procedure Qualification Record (WPQR) procedures are handled in cooperation with client and a testing laboratory that performs destructive and non-destructive testing. The results of these tests are valuable indications for the creation of Welding Procedure Specification- WPS.


Qualification stages of WPQR welding technology

The process from meeting the client and welding consulting stages to the moment when the welding instructions are used are as follows:

  • design analysis - determination of the process, grade of basic material, thickness and diameter ranges and associated equipment
  • preparation of the initial welding technology guide – pWPS (Preliminary Welding Procedure Specification)
  • internal test of welding of the target connection
  • welding plates or pipes witnessed by Notified Body
  • positive results of non-destructive testing, transition to destructive testing
  • release of qualified WPQR welding technology by the Notified Body
  • development of the welding technology Specification - WPS.

Development of a welding procedure qualification procedure – WPS, welding at the highest level.

WPS is the primary source of information for welding personnel carrying out all welding work to produce a specific structure or product, created based on the WPQR. Documentation is assumed that should contain at least technological guidelines, i.e. for example digital designation of the welding process, method of surface preparation, schematic drawing of the welded joint, parameters during welding and the position or information on the filler, identification data, information on the material to be welded, also other specific requirements related to the welding method. Would you like to learn more about welding standards and instructions? Feel free to contact us!