External Welding Engineer

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When certifying a plant according to ISO 3834, the company must have appropriately qualified personnel. An IWE certified welding engineer is becoming a must and his daily presence is not required. We suggest that you use the services offered by Welding Consulting.

A person that has ability to make improvements and optimize welding process parameters. In order to implement it, one must perform a number of appropriate actions that will increase the quality of welding production, reduce or completely eliminate the number of defects and reduce the consumption of additional materials. In welding it is very important to maintain an appropriate quality to production costs. In addition, more and more often we are dealing with the use of new, high alloy or high-strength construction materials, the joining of which is much more difficult than unalloyed low-carbon steels and may require the use of additional technological operations such as pre-heating or heat treatment. In addition, the quality requirements required by standards, regulations or customer orders are becoming more stringent. It is very difficult to carry out such activities without proper knowledge and preparation. All activities can be implemented much faster thanks to the knowledge and thorough understanding of welding and metallurgical processes that a person holding an IWE / EWE diploma.